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Cycletall.Com Bicycle Recommendations

CycleTall.Com, at the present time, does not sell bicycles. For tall men (6-foot-3-and-above), we recommend a minimum frame size of 62 cm. When you purchase a bike, you should always be fitted to the bike by a professional.

In our opinion, the best, professionally built bicycles for big and tall men and women come from Zinn Cycles. Zinn Cycles specializes in building great bikes for big and tall riders. They make Road, Mountain, Cross, Track, TT (Time Trial), and Tandem bikes that are specially designed for tall cyclists. They also make custom-length cranks to help tall and short riders fit better on their bikes.

Other options are as follows:

- Felt sells a low-end road bike, the F85, for around $1099. For the money, this is a great buy. And check out a review of the F85 here in Bicycling Magazine. The F85 offers carbon fiber forks, a carbon seat post, and a 63 cm frame size as it largest size. Other Felts come in 63 cm sizes, as well. For women, Felt offers the ZW series bikes, with frames for tall women. Check out this review here of the ZW3 for women up to 5-foot-9. Felt also sells bikes for professionals, such as the men's AR Series Team Issue bike. This bike was ridden in epic breakaways by Garmin/Chipotle-H3O pros at the Tour de France. For further information on Felt bicycles, please visit Felt's web site.

- Trek, in its Madone series bikes, offers terrific high-end, 64cm frame bikes for tall men. For women, Trek has a number of bikes in 54cm, 56cm and 58cm sizes. For example: The women's 2.3 WSD bike retails for $1809.99 and is a great bicycle for non-pros. For pros, Trek sells the women's Madone series bikes, in the same frame sizes mentioned. For example: The Madone all-carbon 6.5 WSD retails for $6929.99. For more information on Trek bicycles, please visit Trek's web site.

For information on how to fit a bicycle, please go to this link: How to fit a bicycle