Thriving on Performance

His ancestors were warriors in the Alsace-Lorraine area of France. Gerald (Gerry) Halphen, an Alpharetta (Ga.) resident, has not let them down.

Recall that Alsace-Lorraine was a territorial entity created by the German Empire in 1871 after the annexation of most of Alsace and the Moselle region of Lorraine in the Franco-Prussian War. French troops entered Alsace-Lorraine in November, 1918, at the end of the World War I and the territory reverted to France at the Treaty of Versailles of 1919. The area was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1940, but reverted to France in 1945 at the end of World War II and has remained a part of France since.

You see, Gerry is a warrior in his own right. He ranks in the top 300 of the world's best triathlon endurance athletes. After several years of frustration, Gerry qualified for, and finished, the 2009 Ford IronMan World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii. This, alone, means he is in a special class of athletes.


Halphen, who owns a consulting firm named Thrive Performance, Inc. (web site: Thrive Performance), has teamed with to design a line of road cycling gear with the Thrive Performance logo prominently displayed on all gear. is currently selling the Thrive Performance road cycling gear HERE. This includes bib shorts, long and short-sleeve jerseys, and road shorts.

"I am excited to team with to offer this line of road cycling apparel," says Halphen. "We have endeavored to use quality material, and to reflect the pride of Thrive Performance in all cyclsts and triathletes, no matter what the skill level. We think you'll be proud to wear the Thrive Performance gear."

Halphen is a passionate, energetic leader who leverages 17+ years of experience to deliver measurable results and impact lasting change. Gerry’s broad and varied background includes management positions in operations, product development, marketing, sales and alliance management for such diverse organizations as the US Army, Andersen Consulting, and Internet Security Systems, among others.

Well stated, Gerry. We are on board!



Flowering Fitness

You have worked hard, and are on the verge of hanging with the "A" riders in your group ride. You have tackled numerous 60-mile rides, and are now ready for your first century. Your fitness is budding -- ready to flower...and we have just the jersey/shorts pair for you.

Cycletall is now selling its first matching jersey/shorts pair for women. Made of moisture-wicking CoolMax material, this beautiful jersey proudly shows you are flowering in your fitness. Matching shorts are made of a nylon/lycra elastane combination, with a quality women's chamois pad.



Stars Are Shining!

They are the Stars of your life...and are beginning to shine on the bicycle, as well. I'm talkin'about your kids -- you love them with all your heart.

Cycletall is now selling its first-ever kids cycling apparel under the CycleTall Kids brand name. Show them the them they're the stars of your life with a matching jersey/shorts pair for kids. Made of moisture-wicking CoolMax material, this beautiful jersey proudly displays the stars symbolic of your son(s), or daughter(s), who are riding tall in the saddle. Matching shorts are made of a nylon/lycra elastane combination, with a quality kids' chamois pad. These sets have arrived! Order NOW for a TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT!


Cycling Club Anyone?

The web site has a very nice link for finding a cycling club anywhere in the United States. Just go to this link, Cycling Clubs, and click on the appropriate state. It's that easy!


Lifetime Fitness Group Ride and Web Site

The Lifetime Fitness/Alpharetta (GA) Tuesday night group ride leaves the Alpharetta Lifetime Fitness gym at 6:15 p.m. sharp. Don't miss this ride, as it is an opportunity to increase endurance and to meet a great bunch of cyclists. The route is 26 miles and the average speed is 15-18 mph. Cue sheets are offered to those who cannot maintain this pace. It is a no-drop ride for those who ride the pace. This course has a lot of hills and some very fast flats.

The following rules apply: (1) Helmets are required; (2) only road or tri bikes are allowed -- NO mountain or hybrid bikes; (3) If you are new to the ride, please go to and print and sign the cycling waiver beforehand (Note: Kelly, the group ride leader, will also have some on hand to sign); and (4) This is a no drop ride; Kelly will sweep those who fall behind, but please read the above paragraph.

You should make sure you bring plenty to drink and hydrate beforehand, and make sure your tires are pumped before you leave for the ride.

And check out the Lifetime Fitness (Alpharetta) group web site at this site for great pictures, route cue sheets, waivers, cycling calendar, blog, etc.

Keep on pedalling!
--Ed Barfield